Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TED Conference Talks

The TED Conference is an annual event held (now) at Long Beach; others are held around the world. The letters of the acronym stand for Technology, Entertainment and Design. The TED website contains videos of over 300 talks from past conferences. Each Friday morning, I put one of them up for viewers of this blog to watch and to leave comments on, if they so desire. The speakers are given usually just eighteen minutes (or less) in which to tell us about an "idea worth spreading", or to unveil a new invention or project on which they have been working which promises to make a change in the world. The talks are always intriguing and thought-provoking. Here are links to the ones I have published thus far:

Friday TED Talks

Juan Enriquez (the economy and the future)

Ed Ulbrich (technology used in the Story of Benjamin Button)

Nalini Nadkarni (the ecology of canopies in the rainforest)

Tim Berners-Lee (the new Internet)

Elizabeth Gilbert (creativity)

John Wooden (the difference between winning and success)

David Merrill (mini-computer "Siftables")

Dan Ariely (the bugs in our moral code)

Willie Smits (regrowing a rain forest)

Laurie Garrett (how flu spreads)

José Antonio Abreu (inspiration through music/2009 TED Prize Wish)

Sarah Jones (acting in character)

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita (predicting what Iran will do)

Bonnie Bassler (how bacteria communicate)

Hans Rosling (world AIDS statistics)

John La Grou (SmartPlugs for safer homes)

Richard St. John (Eight Keys to Success)

Al Seckel (Our crossed visual circuitry)

Gever Tulley (Teaching kids dangerously)

Kary Mullis (hunting for a molecular tag to awake immune reactions)

Karen Armstrong (the proper goal for religion/2009 TED Prize Wish)

Nina Jablonski (the science of skin color)

Alain de Botton (contrasting success and failure)

Michael Pritchard (making any water drinkable)

Emmanuel Jal (the redemption of a war child)

Elaine Morgan (the aquatic ape hypothesis)

Eric Giler (wireless electricity)

Cary Fowler (world seed bank)

JoAnn Kuchera-Morin (the Amazing AlloSphere)

Willard Wigan (incredible micro-sculptures)

Taryn Simon (photographs of hidden things)

Oliver Sacks (Charles Bonnet Syndrome)

Rory Sutherland (the perception of value)

Itay Talgam (melding an orchestra without words)

Bjarke Ingels (transformative architecture)

Ian Goldin (what the world will be like in 2030)

Hans Rosling (datasets vs. mindsets)

Jonathan Haidt (the moral roots of social conflict)

Magnus Larsson (turning dunes into architecture)

Carolyn Porco (Cassini mission to Saturn)

John Lloyd (the humor of the invisible)

Jonathan Zittrain (what makes the Internet work)

Loretta Napoleoni (economics of terrorism)

Chimamanda Adichie (avoiding the single-story trap)

Anthony Atala, M.D. (body's ability to regenerate)

Barry Schwartz (the problem of choices)

Michael Pollan (the plant's-eye view)

Jamie Oliver (the food that is killing us/2010 TED Prize Wish)

Peter Eigen (exposing corruption)

Eric Topol (medicine's wireless future)

Philip Howard (the law run amuck)

Daniel Kahneman (happiness as a tricky concept)

Dan Barber (a love affair with a fish)

Alan Siegel (ending legal jargon)

Temple Grandin (the autistic mind)

David Gallo (undersea wonders; cephalopods)

Hans Rosling (the power of TED talks)

Stephen Wolfram (the computable world)

Jeremy Jackson (destroying the oceans) and Eric Whitacre (virtual choir)

William Li (uses of angiogenesis)

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (recruiting children as suicide bombers)

Natalie Merchant (singing her settings of old poems)

David Byrne (how environment shapes music)

Michael Sandel (concepts of justice; public discourse)

Kevin Bales (ending present-day slavery)

Carter Emmart (a video atlas of the universe)

Charles Leadbeater (on true innovation)

Dimitar Sasselov (life elsewhere in the universe)

Elif Shafrak (reaching out through stories)

Ben Dunlap (passionate engagement with the world)

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