Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Litigation - the Diocese of Fort Worth

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, which is incorporated under Texas law, voted at its annual convention in November 2008 to amend its Constitution and bylaws to make the corporation no longer a diocese in ECUSA. Predictably, ECUSA's Presiding Bishop and her Chancellor have moved in to organize the dissenters into a body that they think can serve as a vehicle for a lawsuit against the departed diocese to assert claims to its bank accounts and property. The moves in that game, and what is wrong with ECUSA's strategy, are detailed in the posts below.

The Situation in Fort Worth

Texas Supreme Court to Hear San Angelo Case

Big News in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Files Its Opening Brief

Fort Worth Diocese Completes Briefing in Texas Supreme Court

Have They Violated Title IV? Ten Brave Episcopal Clergy Defy ECUSA in Fort Worth Case

Nicely Done, Judge Brister

Stalinist Tactics Deployed to Silence ECUSA Bishops in Court

Bishopsgate Plot Thickens: Complaint Timed to Intimidate Witness

Charge of the Lie Brigade

Bishop Iker Responds to Amicus Complaints by Requesting Expedited Hearing in Texas Supreme Court

Texas Supreme Court Sets Oct. 16 Date for Fort Worth Appeal

Oral Arguments Tomorrow in Texas and Virginia

Arguing the Texas Cases

Arguing the Texas Cases (II)

What Is It about "Conflicts of Interest" that the Kangaroo Court Cannot Understand?

Fearless Ephraim Radner+ Brings ECUSA's Ham-handedness to Court's Attention

No News from Texas; Sad News from Virginia

Bishop Iker and Church of the Good Shepherd Win in Texas

Bishop Iker to 815: Just a Suggestion - Read St. Paul Lately?

Federal Court in Fort Worth Closes Two Lawsuits

ECUSA Parties Move for Rehearing in Texas Supreme Court

TX Supreme Court Denies Rehearing in ECUSA Cases

SC and TX Courts Show ECUSA Which Way the Wind Blows

Texas Supreme Court Denies Motion for Stay / Recall

SCOTUS Denies ECUSA's Bid for Review of Ft. Worth and San Angelo Decisions

Judge Chupp to Decide Ft. Worth Case

The Meaning of the Fort Worth Decision

Dust-up in Fort Worth over All Saints

(BREAKING) +Iker and Diocese Win All Saints FW Case

Final Judgment in Fort Worth Case

Texas Court's Mighty Labor Is in Vain 

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