Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Litigation and the Episcopal Church (USA)

The Legal Follies of ECUSA, Part II

On this page are collected links to all of the posts that deal with aspects of the Episcopal Church (USA) in litigation with fellow Christians. Since I practice church law, this topic is of major interest to me, and so there are quite a number of posts.

Grouped at the outset are the posts that give an overview of the current litigation. Then there is a new series, "How Did ECUSA Get its Attorneys?", which examines in depth the legal and ethical bases for the complex relationships between ECUSA, its Presiding Bishop, and their attorneys. There follow links to other individual pages that collect posts on specific topics, like the Dennis Canon, and on litigation in and with specific dioceses, grouped alphabetically. Finally there is a link to the page that deals with the intrachurch disciplinary actions under the canons, and the abuses of the so-called "abandonment canons."

A Pewster's Primer for St. Patrick's Day

And Now a Word from the Bishops . . .

Fuzzy Logic and the Church We Know (II): "Stealing" the Property

Timberridge Asks Georgia Supreme Court for Stay; Will Petition United States Supreme Court

The 2011 Highlights in Church Legal News

A Pewster's Primer on Property Lawsuits

You Mean to Say: There Are Limits?

Supreme Court to Consider Church Property Petitions This Thursday

Supreme Court Denies Review of Church Property Cases

What Is It about "Conflicts of Interest" that the Kangaroo Court Cannot Understand?

ECUSA, ECUSA: Dysfunction Everywhere

Annual Litigation Summary for the Episcopal Church (USA)

Taking up the Fiddle While Rome Burns

Episcopal Church (USA) Annual Litigation Summary 2014

How Much Has ECUSA Spent on Lawsuits? (Updated Jan. 2014)

The Two-Faced Episcopal Church

Annual Litigation Survey for the Episcopal Church (USA) 2015

ECUSA and the Freedom of Association: a Showdown Is Coming

What Is ECUSA Spending on Lawsuits? (Update for General Convention 2015)

New Series: ECUSA and its Attorneys - a Runaway Train

The Dennis Canon Links

Litigation Involving Specific Dioceses

Diocese of Colorado

Diocese of Nebraska (future page to be added)

Dioceses in New York

Diocese of Ohio (future page to be added)

Diocese of Pennsylvania

Diocese of Pittsburgh

Diocese of Quincy

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