Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Episcopal Church (USA) Pages

On these pages you will find posts about the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (ECUSA). This was the title it took more recently, after dropping the word "Protestant" from its name (PECUSA); it began its formal existence under that title in 1789, the same year the United States did. (Some of the founding fathers---John Jay of New York, for instance---helped to draft its first Constitution.) Lately, the Church has tried to make itself less visible as a creation of just the United States, by dropping the phrase "in the United States of America" from its name (it rationalizes that action by pointing to its member dioceses that stretch from Taiwan to Europe). However, ECUSA is so thoroughly a product of American law and politics that this curmudgeon, at any rate, refuses to let it get away with such a masquerade. ECUSA it is, and ECUSA it shall remain on this site.

The posts on this main page are about ECUSA generally. To make navigation easier, I have created separate pages for the posts dealing with ECUSA's budget and finances, those setting out the Church's history, those discussing the niceties of its governing structure, or "polity", and those specifically about its most recent (76th) General Convention.

The Episcopal Church (USA) - General

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