Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Church and the Culture Wars

The Church Catholic -- including its principal branches, the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, and others -- is in a fight for its life, meaning it is in a struggle to the finish. This is a struggle that has been going on since before its founding. It was evidenced in the temptations offered to Jesus, in the fight between the early Church and the various heresies that threatened to engulf it, in the temporal entanglements of the Church after it became a State religion, and in the battles following the splits in 1054 and in the sixteenth century.

I am interested in all these historical facets of the struggle. But I am particularly interested in how the struggle is taking shape today, in the form popularly referred to as "the culture wars." At issue is whether or not the Church can keep her eye on her main raison d'ĂȘtre: to reflect the revealed truth of the Word of God. This revealed truth is eternal and unchanging. Mankind's perception and reception of it, however, is fallible, and the Church is not exempted from such fallibility.

On this page are collected the various posts in which I offer my own modest contributions to this tremendously important topic.

The Ghost of Bishop Pike

On "the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints"

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On the Gulf that Separates Us

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Bart Ehrman, Meet Frank Tipler

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The Unvarnished Truth

A Classic Restated: "Christianity and Liberalism"

Representing Jesus at GC 2009

Jesus' Warning to Those Perpetuating False Teaching

Start Them Early: Religion for Kids

The Future Before Your Eyes
Fuzzy Logic and the Church We Know (I)

The New Colonialism: Ganging up on Nigeria

The 2009 Church Follies (I)

The 2009 Church Follies (II): How to Feel Good Spending $1,300,000 per Day

Episcopal Church "Rescue" Announced

Fuzzy Logic and the Left

A Tale of Three Hyperlinks

Playing Back the Resurrection

The Oxymoron of Church Politics

From the Outside in, or Vice Versa?

How to Be Irrelevant - Just Watch

A House Divided Against Itself

The Dog in the Manger

The 2009 Church Follies (III): Veni, sancte spiritus

Hollywood Goes Episcopal: Over to You, Greg!

Ten Theses contra General Convention

Night and Day

Gordon Brown at TED: Political Heresy Equal to +Schori's

Presiding Bishop Defies General Convention

A Modest Proposal for Going Forward

Culture Wars: Dispatches from Behind the Lines

Dispatches from Behind the Lines (Continued)

Does the Truth Change with Time?

Sophistry in the Guise of Punditry

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Ninth Circuit Rules Prop. 8 Unconstitutional

Various and Sundry Disruptions to Peace of Mind

Whispers, Murmurs and Rumours of a New Anglican World

Presiding Bishop's Statement on the Second Coming

Pope Benedict in Cuba: No Fatherland without Virtue

After 100 Years, His Example Remains an Inspiration

A Presidency of Historic Firsts

A Major New Find for Early Christianity

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"Jesus' Wife" Fragment Almost Certainly a Forgery

Ah, the Recriminations of a Liberal Scorned

The "Big Bang Theory" and What It Tells Us about Man's Capabilities

The Difference Between Catholics and Episcopalians - Who Knew?

Chesterton for Holy Week: the Riddles of the Gospel

The Visible Power of Our Prayers

Chesterton on the Meaning and Significance of Easter

On Today's Supreme Court Decisions

Ah, the Anglican Communion -- Again

What Will Yours Be?

Federal Court Says Pastor May Be Sued for Aiding Anti-Gay Agenda in Uganda

God's Grace Visible: the Story of a Christian Mom That Went Viral

Atheism Is Irrational: Alvin Plantinga

The Church of Identity Is No Church at All

Clarity from the State Church of Norway

The False Conflict between Reason and Faith

Jesus and the Paradox of the Law

Jesus and the Paradox of the Law (II)

Jesus and the Paradox of the Law (III)

Why the Persecution of Christians Must Increase

Mere Anglicanism 2015 - a Report (I)

Mere Anglicanism 2015 - a Report (II)

How to Make the Church Even Less Relevant

Tyranny in Vestments

The Episcopal Church: Undermining the USA from Within

Making a Mishmash of Marriage (Part I)

Making a Mishmash of Marriage (Part II)

Making a Mishmash of Marriage (Part III)

(Unintended) Comic Relief

Some Good Sense from an Unexpected Source

Is This a Prophet? His Message Deserves to Be Heard

Trouble Ahead for US Churches?

Bishops Bless Blasphemy; Curmudgeon's Cup Runneth Over

A Warning

The Rout (not Rule) of Law

Nothing New under the Sun

An Uplifting Tale of Love and Determination

Credit Where Credit Is Due

We're not There Yet: Food for Thought

On Attempts to Rewrite Holy Scripture

Consolation on the Loss of Communion

On the Death of the Anglican Communion

Who Dares Call It by Name?

Mere Anglicanism Conference Next Week

Sundry Remarks (and a New Blog for You)

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