Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Politics, Economics and the Media

This is not just a blog about religion and canon law. My interest in law spills over to issues in politics, economics, and the media, and posting on those topics sometimes provides a welcome relief from the desultory task of chronicling and commenting on canon-law abuses in the Episcopal Church (USA). On this page you will find links to those posts, as well as to a series of posts dealing with the issues in the 2008 elections---some of which are still relevant.


The Lesson We Never Seem to Learn

Various and Sundry Disruptions to Peace of Mind

Quo Vadimus?

Does Obamacare Negate Its Own Insurance?

The Gulf Widens -- and Neither Side Wants to See It Narrow

Obamacare Goes Before Supreme Court This Week

Our Smartest Leader Ever - a Triple Play

Seven Charts That Tell the Truth

Rotten to the Core

A Presidency of Historic Firsts

Not as We Say, but as We Do

Supreme Court Healthcare Decision This Thursday

Unfortunately, not by the Anglican Curmudgeon

Supreme Court Does the Unexpected

On God's Truth, and Man's Hypocrisy

Readings from the Book of Barack (Iowahawk)

"I'm from the Government -- I'm Here to Help You"

Signs and Portents

Obamacare Described in One (Rather Long) Sentence

Obamacare Could Come Before SCOTUS Again

Important Facts Emerging about Libya

Scripture for a Saturday with Ominous Forebodings

On Greed and Ignorance, i.e., Fiscal Cliffs

Fiddling While Rome Burns

End Times: Inaudible Whimpering

So Let Me Get This Straight ...

Americans, Pray for Your Country

Nailing It

Eerie Parallels

El Gringo Viejo Is the Only One Making Sense of the Immigration Issue

How to Screw Up the World (Again)

Unbelievable Incompetence in Washington

Finally - a Clear Explanation of What's Unfixable about Obamacare

The Coming Bailout of Obamacare

The Simply Stunning Illogic of Sen. Boxer

Obama's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell

From the President on down, the Left Doesn't Understand the Hobby Lobby Case

Cicero and Buckley to the Rescue

Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Thanks to Obamacare, America Will Soon Implode

A Rule of Law, or of One Man?

Obama and "Affordable Plumbing": a Parable

Tyranny in Vestments

The Rout (not Rule) of Law

Standing up to the Obergefellers

Standing up to the Obergefellers (2) -- Responding to a Comment

Standing up to the Obergefellers (3)

Life Now Has a Price Tag

Has America Sold Her Christian Soul?

No Need to Drown in a Sea of PC

Money and Banking

The People's Money (a Series on What Money Is, and How It Is Misused)

Where All Our Money Has Gone

Thoughts on Listening to Peter Schiff


Crucify Him! (Do We Care?)

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