Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Politics and Economics: The People's Money

Collected here are all the posts which explain our money system -- how it got where it is, what money is, how bankers make it out of thin air, how politicians abuse it to our detriment, and last but not least, how to fix the whole jerry-rigged contraption.

The People's Money (a Series on What Money Is, and How It Is Misused)

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  1. Total Carpetbombing on the issue. My personal opinion is unshakeable. It is purposeful destruction of the currency by a Manchurian Horse. I would have used the Trojan Horse, but the Greeks had already sold it to put money into the "Retire at 50 Fund".

    It is amazing how much a relatively respectable dollar accommodated morality...fair trade for labour and product...confidence by one person towards another.
    The eleemosynary measures that cold be accommodted...
    It begins to smell like my granddaughters will learn what the Wiemar "dollar" might look like after we spend all the one trillion dollar platinum coins at MacDonalds.

    We are still re-reading the previous post which is pretty heavy but very well presented and easy to understand, once the 'little grey cell' have been lubricated a bit.

    El Gringo Viejo