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Date: March 4, 2009

Category/ies: Love and Marriage

A Guide to the Site by Categories

This is not a Weblog for keeping track of current events in the Anglican Communion---the sites linked at the right do that far better than I can. Instead, what I do here is to relate some of what is happening in the Communion today to its history, traditions and law (canon law and church constitutions). This page will guide you through the posts that are relevant to a specific topic.

The topics I have addressed thus far are as follows:

The Anglican Communion - Current Issues

The Lambeth Conferences

The First Lambeth Conference (1867)

Lambeth Conference 2008

Windsor Continuation Group: Let's Indaba!

The Episcopal Church - General

The Episcopal Church - History

The Polity of The Episcopal Church

The Consequences of General Convention 2003

TEC's Presiding Bishop Defi(l)es the Canons

The Dennis Canon

The Situation in Ft. Worth

The Situation in Los Angeles/Orange County

California Supreme Court Announces Impending Decision in Episcopal Church Cases

The Situation in New York

The Situation in Virginia

On the "Abandonment of Communion" Canons

The Sauls Memorandum Refuted (Second Part)

Election 2008

Love and Marriage

The Church of Enablers


Friday Morning TED Talks

Juan Enriquez

Ed Ulbrich

Miscellaneous (Mostly Humorous)

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