Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Litigation - the Diocese of Quincy

The little Diocese of Quincy in Illinois (with less than two dozen parishes and missions) has become the latest to vote to disaffiliate from the Episcopal Church (USA). For the time being, the dissenters are being called into a rump organization by the Presiding Bishop, who asked retired Bishop John Buchanan to assist them. The departing Diocese, currently without a Bishop, filed a pre-emptive declaratory action against ECUSA to quiet title to its assets, and ECUSA has challenged the suit's venue, saying it has to be brought in a different county of Illinois. Once the venue issue is resolved, look for ECUSA to file a cross-complaint on behalf of what it claims is the "true" diocese. I have not yet had occasion to discuss matters in Quincy; the following posts touch only briefly on the situation there. I shall post more as events unfold; meanwhile, here is a link to a recent story showing how the path sadly being followed by ECUSA in Quincy is repeating the same mistakes it made in San Joaquin, Pittsburgh and Fort Worth. Quincy's response to Bishop Buchanan's actions is quoted here.

ECUSA: Hollow Gains, Pointless Losses

Stalinist Tactics Deployed to Silence ECUSA Bishops in Court

Bishopsgate Plot Thickens: Complaint Timed to Intimidate Witness

Charge of the Lie Brigade

Trial in Quincy Commences

One Rule for Thee, a Different One for Me

Reposting: the Church, (P)ECUSA, and the DFMS

Remnant Quincy Group to Be Absorbed by Diocese of Chicago

Decision in Quincy: ECUSA Has no Rule against Dioceses Withdrawing

Trying the Quincy Case (I): ECUSA's Expert under Fire

Judgment in Quincy; Chicago Denied Substitution; $1.1 Million Released

Quincy Funds Frozen Again; Defense Fund Needs Help

ECUSA and Diocese of Chicago Gang Up on Quincy Parishes

Illinois Appellate Court Affirms Judgment for Anglican Diocese

ECUSA Denied Leave to Appeal in Quincy Case 

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