Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday TED Talk: Eric Giler and Wireless Electricity

Here is another talk from the TED 2009 Global Conference which I attended this summer in Oxford, and which illustrates the "T" in TED ("Technology, Entertainment and Design"). Eric Giler, whose start-up company WiTricity is about to bring this MIT-inspired invention to market, demonstrates in just ten minutes some of the amazing things that wireless electricity will be able to do in our world:

Eric Giler is WiTricity's CEO; its founder, Marin Soljačić, an MIT Professor who invented the technology, won a MacArthur Foundation fellowship last year. (Memo to Dean Knisely of Entangled States, Tregonsee, and the other physicists who drop in here from time to time: you would be fascinated by the work he did which led to the award -- read the whole article.) You may read more about Giler here, and WiTricity's website has much more about its astounding technology. This talk may be watched in hi-res video here, and may be downloaded in that and other formats from this page.


  1. Mr. Haley,

    Fantastic Friday TED Talk. This is an amazing technology that I have heard and read about but this is the first public demonstration I have seen.


  2. The Soviets were doing this 50 years ago. They had a bug in a conference room of our USSR embassy that couldn't be detected because it had no internal power source, until they wanted to listen, in which case they drove up and bombarded the bug which then had the power to broadcast to the van with the power source in it. Shame they didn't patent that.