Wednesday, August 26, 2009

U.S. Finances in Real Time

There is now a way to view the current situation of the United States -- its balance sheet and P/L statement, as it were -- in real time. At US Debt, you may view the income and outgo of the U.S. government in constantly updated dollars, together with items such as the total national debt (including the portion of it held by foreigners), gross domestic product, total tax revenues, defense spending, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid outlays, debt service and the like. The site explains how its numbers are derived (click on the image to be able to read it better):

The clocks are both mesmerizing and disturbing. Be sure to bookmark the page, and to send links to it to your friends. There is nothing like watching the country go up in smoke in real time!

(H/T: John Moser, No Left Turns.)

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