Saturday, September 26, 2009

Your Health Care Plan Is Toast

Thanks to the Kennedy family and their subservient politicians in Massachusetts, the Democrats now once again have a filibuster-proof majority of 60 in the Senate, just in time to pass their pending health care legislation. (Massachusetts will not hold its special election to replace Senator Kennedy until January 2010. However, certifying that there was an "emergency" need to fill the post immediately, Governor Patrick appointed Kennedy family trusty Paul G. Kirk, Jr. to provide Democrats with their sixtieth vote.)

And now it is on the record that the Democrats are unwilling to provide a failsafe mechanism to keep their legislation from causing you to lose your own private health-care plan. On Thursday Senator Orrin Hatch offered a simple amendment to the current draft of Senator Max Baucus' health care proposal being considered by the Senate Finance Committee. He explained what it was, and why he was proposing it:
The purpose of this amendment is simple. If the secretary of Health and Human Services certifies that more than 1 million Americans would lose the current coverage of their choice because of this bill, then this bill would not go into effect.

It seems like a very, very simple but perfect amendment for those of us who have integrity. This amendment is simply trying to safeguard President Obama's pledge to the American people, you'll get -- that you will get to keep what you have.
Yes, President Obama did make that promise -- and we all know that he does not lie, don't we?

Not a single Democrat on the Committee was willing to back up President Obama's promise, however. Here was the roll call vote on Senator Hatch's proposed amendment:

BAUCUS: Roll call has been requested. Quickly call the roll.

CLERK: Mr. Rockefeller.


CLERK: Mr. Rockefeller, no. Mr. Conrad.


CLERK: Mr. Conrad no.

Mr. Bingaman.


CLERK: Mr. Bingaman no.

Mr. Kerry.

(UNKNOWN): No by proxy.

CLERK: Mr. Kerry no by proxy.

Mrs. Lincoln.


CLERK: Mrs. Lincoln no.

Mr. Wyden.


CLERK: Mr. Wyden no.

Mr. Schumer.

(UNKNOWN): No by proxy.

CLERK: Mr. Schumer no by proxy.

Ms. Stabenow.


CLERK: Ms. Stabenow no.

Ms. Cantwell.


CLERK: Ms. Cantwell no.

Mr. Nelson.


CLERK: Mr. Nelson no.

Mr. Menendez.


CLERK: Mr. Menendez no.

Mr. Carper.

(UNKNOWN): No by proxy.

CLERK: Mr. Carper no by proxy.
(H/T: Powerline.) This vote proves the Democrats are out to replace your private plan with what will eventually be a uniform national plan, after the government-backed "option" slowly eliminates all of its competition. (Even the Washington Post admits that the bill will cause "changes" in private plans.) For some common-sense talk about health-care options, see this article.

Oh, but wait -- there will be one plan that will survive the government option: it's the plan that Congress provides for its own members. That plan is also government-sponsored, you see, so it will not have to compete with the public option. But you cannot obtain it unless you are elected to Congress.

Why are the Democrats willing to do this? It ought to be political suicide for the House and Senate Democrats running in 2010, but they know that most private plans will still be around at that time, since they won't start wiping out the competition until after that election. Plus, they are counting on the voters to have a short memory.

[UPDATE 09/27/09: It turns out that part of the Obama Health Care Plan is already in place --- I wager you had no idea, right? It was part of the "Stimulus Bill" than Congress passed without reading it first. Read the details in this post. Then read this well-researched article, as well. Things are getting not just creepy anymore, but downright disturbing. This country is bent on a course from which there will be no turning back until after it has all gotten very bad indeed. As usual, you cannot count on regular media to stay informed.]

Let's prove them wrong. A vote for the Baucus health care bill should be a one-way ticket back home.


  1. The government run health care highway is being prepared. The major property holders are making sure the entrance and exit ramps are under their control. It is no wonder that a large percentage of the people are upset.

  2. Underground Pewster,

    But the question is "are they upset enough to actually do something about it, or have the majority of the electorate already been suborned by the promise of a (fictive) "right to health care"?

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  3. Martial Artist,

    I think the court of public opinion is divided. Unfortunately, it is the majorities in the House, the Senate, who along with a willing Executive branch will make the decisions.

    IMHO, the real problems any legislation will cause will be slow to reach the conciousness of the populace, giving the current scoundrels ample time to make their political getaways, and by that time we will be locked into dependancy on a government run health plan.

  4. Underground Pewster,

    I fear you are correct. What is truly needed is a thorough "House cleaning" accompanied by an equally thorough "Senate cleaning."

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  5. Prophesy, indeed. Thanks for the flashback, AC.