Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Appellate Court Issues Order to Show Cause in San Joaquin

Word was received this afternoon that the Fifth District Court of Appeal has formally accepted Bishop Schofield's petition to review the ruling and order entered by the trial court granting Bishop Lamb's and ECUSA's motion for summary adjudication. This means that the trial court's decision and ruling are suspended pending a determination by the Court of Appeal, and the entry of a new order either vacating the trial court's ruling, or directing the entry of a new summary adjudication.

Here is a link to a copy of the Order. This is great news for the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, and should stop ECUSA and Bishop Gulick's attorneys in the Fort Worth litigation from continuing to cite the trial court's ruling as "the law". See this comment over at StandFirm for more detail on the significance of the Order, and what it means.

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