Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[Off Topic] My Crepuscular Daughter . . .

. . . has taken a beautiful picture of the lighthouse at Marblehead, on Lake Erie, in the early light of an August sunrise, with the waves splashing against the rocks. She has given me permission to reproduce the picture here (careful, it's copyrighted):

Only people who are motivated to be active at dawn or sunset have the opportunity to catch such a golden moment, and my hat goes off to her.

Myfanwy is in the midst of her year as the 2009 OWUSS North American Rolex Scholar, and is having a whale of a time diving and photographing her way across the continent. She is a budding marine scientist, and wildlife and conservation photographer, and her father is proud as only a father can be.


  1. Spectacular - love that bit of spray coming off the rocks.

    Bit of trivia: Michigan is the state with the most lighthouses in America! (That this pic is from Ohio reminded me that it is the Great Lakes rather than the Pacific or Atlantic coasts where you find most of these).

  2. please check link. Not available to me, i.e., not found.

  3. Thank you, J. Moss, for pointing that out. Unbeknownst to me, my daughter rearranged her blog. The link should now take you there, and I apologize for your being deprived of that beautiful picture until now.