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A Guide to This Site

This is a blog about the conflicts, legal and otherwise, that currently are tearing apart both the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (abbreviated: "ECUSA") and the wider Anglican Communion of which it has historically been a constituent part. Along the way, there are posts on politics, economics, science, theology, society and other topics of interest as well.

Each post, while standing on its own, also builds on what has been posted in that category previously. They can thus be arranged chronologically according to their subject(s), and that is the purpose of this Guide. Use the Main Topic Pages linked below to go to a separate page that describes the topic in more detail, and that lists the individual posts under that topic, in order from earliest to most recent, with their hyperlinks.

The most recent post (as frequently as I am able to update this page) on the blog is shown first, together with clickable links to the topic guides for the category/ies to which that current post is assigned. Then below that heading, you will find descriptions of all the major topics covered by this blog, with further links to each.  (Please feel free to add a comment to this page if you have any questions, or suggestions as to how it this Guide might be improved. Thank you.)

Most Recent Post
[Note: this may lag a few days behind the main site.]

Most Recent Post -- Category/ies: [Click on this / these links to find the posts on the same topic which preceded the current one above. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the latest ones, since all posts are listed in chronological order.]

Litigation and the Episcopal Church -- the Diocese of South Carolina
Main Topic Pages
[Here are listed each of the major guides to the individual topics which this blog covers. Clicking on a link will take you either to a listing of the posts to date on that particular topic -- once again, in chronological order from earliest (top) to latest (bottom) -- or else to a list of further subtopics, each with a separate guide page of their own]

The Church and the Culture Wars
The Church is in a fight for its life - news and views from our camp and from the Enemy's

Posts on news and subjects of interest to the general Anglican Communion

History of the Lambeth Conferences, past and present

Observations about ECUSA, its finances, history, governance, and the latest General Convention

The aftermath of the election of Bishop Robinson of New Hampshire

The Legal Follies of ECUSA, in Five Parts

A series of calls to repent, which will not stop until she does
(Part I of "The Legal Follies of ECUSA")

On the Church's suits against other Christians, including its own clergy
(Part II of "The Legal Follies of ECUSA")

Can the Church control your parish property without your consent?
(Part III of "The Legal Follies of ECUSA")

Chronicling Their History and Recent Abuse
(Part IV of "The Legal Follies of ECUSA")

Collected Canonical Absurdities

A taxidermy of assorted absurdities, gathered from both Left and Right
(Part V of "The Legal Follies of ECUSA")

The good and the bad about the current state of our country
(with links to posts on elections, and the series "The People's Money")

Where God and Man meet one another, there need be no conflict
(Includes a page on evidence for the accuracy of the Bible,
including posts on the Nativity and Star of Bethlehem)

Men and women, and their social and legal relationships

Videos of talks from various TED Conferences -- previously featured every Friday, these are now added only occasionally, because of their increasing ubiquity on the Web

Your assurance of a well-varied blog.

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