Saturday, October 29, 2016

Election Developments - as Predicted

As I predicted in my previous election posts here, there have been new surprises emerging just before we head to the polls (for those of who who have already voted by mail -- well, all I can say is that I warned you). The malign media, of course, are pushing exclusively the new Trump accusers that have come out of the woodwork after 20 or so years -- because they believe that just now their unsupported allegations can finally receive attention? I call them "malign", because they are doing their best to decide the election for the rest of us, making it unnecessary for us to exercise our duty as citizens of this republic. They don't care a fig for the republic, but only for what unrepublican power and influence they can assert over the rest of us.

But now comes FBI Director Comey, whom the Democrats have deliberately placed between a roack and a hard place. With a bevy of newly discovered emails, thanks to the cupidity of former Congressman Weiner, his enabling spouse, and her employer, he had just two choices: keep silent and release his bombshell after November 8, or speak up now and say: "It's too soon to say how bad this is, but it's serious enough to deserve a good look, and I shall keep you informed as I am able."

Notice how absolutely silent the President and his Attorney General are remaining, even though now is the time, if it is not too late, for them to announce the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Which brings your Curmudgeon to his main point: What business did the Democrats hope to achieve by allowing and then nominating a candidate to run for President who was the chief target of an FBI investigation?

As this article makes clear, the Democrats knowingly did so well in advance of the start of the primaries. So they have made their bed, and now they will have to lie in it.

It is actually poetic justice, because the Democrats exploited an ongoing FBI investigation to influence public opinion in advance of the 1992 election, as explained in this article.

Thus I repeat my advice: keep your powder dry until November 8. We probably haven't seen the worst of it yet.


  1. I predict that if Trump wins the election, the machinery will engage the Black Lives Matter protestors and others to try and spread their chaos.
    Keeping our "powder dry" is very good advice indeed!

  2. Huma storing classified information in an unsecured Yahoo account may be match that lights the fuse. After all, didn't Yahoo recently report 500 million of their accounts were hacked?

    1. CableGate should be revisited in the middle of all of this: State Dept. cables dating from 1966 forward became hackable under Hillary Clinton. In 1966, in the midst of the Cold War, Dean Rusk was the SofS (1961-1969, under both Kennedy and Johnson) - 14 Secretaries of State (not including "acting" Secretaries of State) and you have under Hillary Clinton, all of these sensitive cables becoming hackable - did she pull them out of a vault, have pdf's made and put on her server so she could readily access and refer to them? CableGate was back in 2010, when she wanted to drone Julian Assange - droning the messenger, who let everyone know that she made the cables hackable.