Friday, March 22, 2013

Americans, Pray for Your Country

I cannot bear to embed the video on this blog. It is entitled "The Conversation [among] the Thought Leaders of Tomorrow", and Iowahawk introduces it with these words:

TGIF, and get your stopwatches ready! It's time to play...How Long Can You Take an Argument Between Campus Lefties? 
You must watch it, I am sorry to say, but you do not have to do it right now, if you just settled down for a nice, quiet read at The Anglican Curmudgeon. Better to save the link for a moment when you are appropriately fortified against what C.S. Lewis so presciently warned us of in The Screwtape Letters -- for this is truly the vision of what hell must be like:

You have been warned. The Curmudgeon accepts no responsibility for your reaction. But please do come back here to share your more sober thoughts on the irreversible (so it would seem) decline in the ability of our future citizens to entertain a rational and informed discourse.


  1. These are COLLEGE kids!???
    Government issued students.

  2. What makes you think that World War I came before World War II? Do you think that is fair?

    And besides, what difference does it make?

    El Gringo Viejo

  3. I think what worries me more is that there was a part 2 to this recording

  4. I could not bear to watch more than a few minutes. They have even made up a metalanguage for the imaginary concepts they are so inflamed about. Good grief. I feel physically sick.

  5. at about 1:50 I tried to escape and my MacBook went black. What a nightmare these poor kids are living, and that they will inflict on their rational peers.