Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Whale of a Good Read on the Alamo Anniversary

While I work on my post analyzing the ramifications of Bishop vonRosenberg's federal lawsuit in South Carolina, I will mark the 177th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo by referring readers to this admirable post by reader and frequent commenter here, The Old Gringo: San Antonio de Valero de Bexar, 6 March 1836. There is scarcely any blogger I have found who is more knowledgeable about Mexican and Texan history than he is, and I you will learn much by taking the time to read his post. (You may wish to use your browser's "View" options, as I understand many do here, to enlarge his blog's type size. Google's Blogspot tends to default to sizes that can be hard on older eyes.)

Indeed, it is fitting that we study the Battle of the Alamo as we prepare to delve into the legal complexities created by the new lawsuit in South Carolina. For, as The Old Gringo points out:
All of this defense and offense over a place that was neither worth defending nor assailing in military terms. The brother-in-law of Lopez de Santa Anna, Gen. Perfecto de Cos declared, "Con una victoria mas como el este, perdieremos no solo la guerra, pero quizas el pais." ("With another victory like this, we should lose not only the war, but perhaps even the country").
Similarly, with three separate law firms hired to bring the federal lawsuit against Bishop Lawrence (and Bishop Lawrence only) in South Carolina, one has to wonder what it is about this one man, the Rt. Rev. Mark Lawrence, that has drawn such massive fire from the forces of ECUSA, and just what those amassed forces are expecting to accomplish. Is it another Alamo?

Well, things are different in 2013, as I shall shortly explain in my next post. The words of General Perfecta de Cos may have told not only the ultimate fate of Mexico's campaign in Texas, but also the ultimate fate of the all-out campaign in South Carolina now being launched by the Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori -- who stands to suffer, I wager, far more losses than Santa Anna ever did.


  1. I pray that your last sentence is true, and that the time period in which it occurs is in the not-too-distant future. I also pray for God to continue to give Bishop Lawrence continued strength, both mental and physical, to endure these torments.

  2. 177th anniversary! That's OK though, I like the message and I hope HRH is as lucky in SC as Santa Ana was in Texas.

  3. Sorry, it was 177 years ago that the Alamo fell. I can only hope that HRH Schori does as well in the end as Santa Ana did by losing all in Texas.