Sunday, September 2, 2012

All That Needs to Be Said on "Original Sin"

This cartoon (one from a New Yorker of unknown date - H/T: Power Line) says all there is to say about original sin:

Without realizing it, the cartoon derives its cleverness from the very thing it is celebrating: original sin.

By proclaiming it as truly "original" (i.e., the distinctive product of Adam and Eve themselves, and also the very first of all human sins), it emphasizes how the first couple's first sin put man's choices before God's commands.

And in doing so, it perfectly -- but no doubt unwittingly, from the cartoonist's point of view -- illustrates that which it depicts.

A picture worth one thousand words.


  1. So, curmudgeon; no surprise there then. The Sex act was the 'original sin' - rather than partaking of the 'forbidden fruit of the tree'!

  2. I don't see that, kiwianglo. If the sex act were the first sin, it would have conflicted with God's earlier command "to be fruitful and multiply." And note that God gave that command to the animals before he created Adam and Eve, so that it would hardly have been "original" with them.

  3. Original sin is the placing of ones own will over the instructions that come from Yahweh, Himself.

    Eve was guilty. Adam was complicit and accessory after the fact.
    We are all walking through the Garden, and we are all succumbing to the temptations of forbidden fruit, daily.
    That is why we have the General Confession, best expressed in the 1928 Book.

    Ya! No nos queda mas para discutir!
    El Gringo Viejo

  4. Siempre hay mas para discutir, mi amigo.

    The original command was given to the man. Gen. 2:15-17 says that God told the man not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or he would surely die. The woman had not yet been created.

    I find this interesting because if you follow molecular genetics, you will have read that the oldest common male ancestor of humans is not as old as the oldest common female ancestor. Assuming that Adam was the first man created, which means he would have lived before 3.8 million years ago, his DNA did not survive. The Y-chromosome of Adam does not exist in modern humans. Just something to ponder.

  5. Yahweh instructed the father of all mankind thusly:
    Genesis 2:16-17

    16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying Of every tree of the Garden thou mayest freely eat;

    17 But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

    In this passage we learn that the Lord God of the Universe establishes concrete laws and makes certain decrees. He is the only one, with whom I am familiar, who can change his mind about these things and not disturb other of His natural processes in place.
    It is noted that each of his first humans, at least in that part of His Creation, did eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and yet both survived. They did not die on that very day. They were expulsed, they did die later on, and we can presume that they went on to join the Cosmos as living souls and ancestors of that special part of the Lord God's creation.
    A wise scientest informed me, during my trek to graduation from university studies,that the angler fish took almost 40,000,000 years to evolve his angling contraption with its bait to lure unsuspecting organisms into striking distance.
    This information should be used to inspire people who are dieting.

    As always, we appreciate this august forum, and the permission of its host to enter this house in the Spirit of Peace which passeth all undertanding.
    El Gringo Viejo