Friday, September 7, 2012

A Pro-Life God Is Not Welcome at Democratic Convention

At the Convention they just completed, the Democrats had a very difficult time reconciling their ideals and beliefs with the Christian God. Amid all the hoopla about the last-minute fig leaves added to their official party platform, an even more telling story has gone largely unreported. Todd Starnes at Fox News published this story on September 6 (H/T: Martial Artist):
The Democratic National Committee banned dozens of Charlotte churches from distributing gift baskets to delegates because the congregations hold values that are contrary to the party platform, according to local religious leaders. 
“They told us our views on women’s rights are contrary to the Democratic party platform,” said David Benham, the lead organizer of the Charlotte714 religious movement.
He explained in his next paragraph about the "Charlotte714 movement":
Charlotte714 is a group of more than 100 churches across the region that mobilized to pray for the Democratic National Convention. More than 9,000 people gathered last Sunday for a time of worship and prayer in advance of the convention. 
Benham said the name references an Old Testament passage in 2 Chronicles 7:14 – calling the nation to prayer.
More than 9,000 Christians? Gathering to pray for the Democratic National Convention? Yep, that's right -- here's a picture of just a small portion of them:

But you didn't hear about any such gathering, did you? No -- what the media told you about instead was that vastly larger gathering in Charlotte of two hundred Muslims in a nearby park. (You can see a video of that gathering at the link.) Oh, wait -- possibly that was because the Muslim publicity machine had announced that it expected 20,000 Muslims to attend. When only 200 showed up, well, that was still much bigger news -- wasn't it?

So, what did the 9,000 Christians want to do for the Democrats? Back to you, Mr. Benham (of Charlotte714):
He said 56 churches wanted to “Adopt-a-Delegation.” They put together gift baskets featuring Carolina Pralines and a letter welcoming them to the city and offering assistance in transportation, childcare or spiritual matters. 
“We were just trying to display Southern hospitality,” he said. “We wanted them to know we were happy to serve them.” 
However, DNC officials conveyed to city leaders that the Christians would not be allowed to present their gift baskets. 
“I got a call from the mayor’s office speaking on behalf of the convention and they asked us not to participate,” he said. “They told us our views on women’s rights are contrary to the platform.”
Note that the DNC used the mayor as a go-between. They could not even bring themselves to speak directly to the group or its leaders, to explain why their gift baskets were not wanted. And all because of the Christians' "views on women's rights"? Oh, yes -- that is DemoSpeak™ for "abortion." But let's not say that to their face, shall we?

Being a Christian, Mr. Benham reached out his hand again:
So instead of gift baskets, Benham asked if they could send welcome letters to the delegates. 
Again, he said the DNC refused – because the churches hold pro-life values. “They responded back and said no because our views on women,” he said. “They would not allow it.” 
Benham said it is true that all the churches are pro-life – but the baskets did not include a single political or pro-life message. They just wanted to give them regional candies and a welcome letter. 
A spokesman for the city of Charlotte referred comments to the DNC. The DNC did not return numerous calls seeking comment.
No, of course they didn't -- they were too busy tinkering with their 32-page platform, in order to ensure that "God" was mentioned once in its 26,477 words. (And that was as an adjective, not a proper noun.)

Secularists have difficulty donning masks. God, after all, does not submit to sham.


  1. It is amazing how God works things out. These people reached out in humility and love (even in the likeness of Christ) to people they disagreed with, and their love was treated with arrogance, pride, and disdain.

    It would be tempting for Charlotte714 to strike back at the DNC rather than turn the other is hard for me to do in my life.

    But God's ways are not our ways, and if we give all vengeance over to the Lord and trust in his Lordship, then he knows how best to deal with any situation. And look what happened: the DNC committed a humiliating unforced error on their convention floor, having half or maybe a majority of their delegates screaming 'no' at any suggestion to reinserting "God" into the DNC platform.

    God did not save the DNC from embarrassing itself, and God showed millions of independent voters who the real extremists were in Charlotte, and I think He was honoring the faithfulness of the Charlotte714 Christians who were trying to do His will on Earth.

    May God bless and prosper the mission of Charlotte714. They truly acted in the likeness of Christ. May He reward their faithfulness.

  2. Thank you; I'd not seen this before.

    I have never quite understood how a political party that purports to be 'for the little guy,' for the weak against the strong and poor against the rich can be so hostile to the littlest and weakest. I know it is an article of faith in Illinois that no Democrat can hope to rise to federal or statewide office without embracing the most radical pro-abortion agenda but sometimes I forget that this animus toward the unborn is so deeply held at the national level, too.

  3. Sacrifice, much sacrifice of the blood of innocents is demanded by the god Baal, the stone understudy of Lucifer.

    As an aside, we are warning our esteemed and extended circle that anything coming in that says Update Windows Writer Package or any variation of such is a Trojon Horse. It will lock up your machine and demand a 200 dollar ransom. It is done under the guise of a fine by the FBI, for copyright violations. It looks like a real "administrative judgement" and you will receive instructions to use a charge card bought at WalMart, Kmart, 7-11, Walgreens, CVS, and to use cash when buying the charge card.
    The trjoan horse is circulating through blogs. We took almost a day to "slay the dragon".

    Once again agreement with the well-stated arguements and surmisions.