Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Classic Letter to the Editor

Here is what surely must count as one of the best commentaries ever on our present times -- not from some talking head or Washington pundit, but from one Ken Huber of Tawas City, Michigan (H/T: David Horowitz):

[Click the image to enlarge.]

Mr. Huber has managed to encapsule, in just three column inches or so, the frustration of ordinary people with the current state of our republic. May his trenchant observations become our public currency, and may last night's results at the ballot boxes form the first step in the recovery of common sense at all levels of government!


  1. Thanks Curmudgeon for posting this.

    The absolute best Letter to the Editor ever written.

  2. Beeeee-utiful!! (Bad English - good emotion)


  3. Oh My. This man has read my mind. I am sick of being called racist simply because of the color of my skin.

    PS Despite the pic, I am not a cat. ;0

  4. Commenter Boniface left a comment which I do not judge as fit to publish in full. The point Boniface wanted to make is that blacks in this country labored under three and a half centuries of oppression and racism, yet managed to maintain their faith through it all. "God bless the faith of Blacks," Boniface says. "They have been the true bearers of the faith."

    The racist accusations which Mr. Huber deplores in his letter are not the reverse (or inverse) of the racism which blacks had to endure for so long. They are the snap judgment of others who try to use the opprobrium now attached to that past racism to demean a current adversary or opponent. As such, it is not racism per se which is the subject of Mr. Huber's complaint, but shabby name-calling.

  5. This one is being passed on to many friends.
    Thank you so very much for posting it.

  6. I recall reading Ken Huber’s list, in which implausible premises are used to “prove” double standards. To cite a few, exactly who espouses the view that disliking a black person is “racist”? Who states that one can’t use the word “God” in public school in the context of a course of study, as distinguished from proselytizing? Who proclaimed that protesting against Obama is the act of a “terrorist”? If someone does make these statements, are they met with widespread credence?

    Channeling the spirit of Joseph McCarthy, Mr. Huber informs me that, as a progressive, I am part of the updated “communist and socialist threat.” When Mr. Huber laments the rewriting of books, I assume he has in mind the Texas Board of Education’s approval of revised history books that serve right-wing ideology.