Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Word to My Readers

The press of current legal work is taking its toll on my ability to blog right now -- especially in the week leading up to oral argument in the San Joaquin case. As many of you have figured out, I try to use this blog to put up mostly original content about the current goings-on in the Episcopal Church (USA), the United States in general, and the Anglican Communion. (Those are three topics enough to fill any blog.)

So while I may find a moment or two to continue the current series on constitutional crises in ECUSA, or to write about the latest filings in appellate courts in Georgia and California, my time right now is in demand from the world in which I earn my living. I hope you will use any resulting gaps in new posts, as well as the feature ("A Guide to This Site") which provides links to all of my past posts on a variety of topics, to search out something of interest you may not have had the time to read or absorb in previous visits to this blog.

Please know that my prayers are constantly with those who are enduring or feeling the consequences of the current lawlessness at the highest levels of ECUSA -- and specifically, they are with Bishop Lawrence and his Diocese as they gather in continued convention this weekend. After the argument in San Joaquin on October 20, there will hopefully be more time to pick up the chronicles of the continuing crises which are (in no order of priority) the Episcopal Church, the United States of America, and the Anglican Communion.

Deus vobiscum.


  1. Mr. Haley,

    FWIW, you have convinced me that a diocese can in fact pull out of General Convention (and thereby the denomination) since it willingly joined.

    I don't think that an individual parish can do the same, except in states like Virginia that offer a vote on the matter as an element of state statutory law. Of course, in situations where a parish predates a diocese or the General Convention, then the same rule should apply as with a diocese.

    I still feel that there a property deed or a nonprofit corporation document says "for the work of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of X", it's a very tough push uphill for a vestry to claim that it has the right to pull a parish from ECUSA (barring consent of the diocese) or to ignore the canons.

  2. I greatly appreciate and enjoy your comments, and eagerly await your posts. However, I have often asked myself how you manage to maintain such a regular and high-quality output. God bless you!

  3. You should be paid for bloggable hours. Ah well. Blessings for fruitful work and ample refreshment when available.

  4. May you be guided in wisdom, courage, and strength.

    (N.B. today's word verification was "rearm")

  5. Mr. Haley, I hope your legal work goes well for you and your client(s). Thanks so much for the prayers. Keep em coming.

  6. My prayers are with you Mr. Haley as you assist in the argument for the (true) Diocese of San Joaquin.