Friday, October 22, 2010

Washington, Watch Out!

Here is a small sign of the tsunami that is going to hit Washington in just eleven more days:

[Note: the original video to which I linked was "removed by the user" at YouTube. I have now linked to another copy.]

There is now more on this story at this link: League of Women Voters official accuses audience of "phony patriotism". It turns out that right after the video above ends, the moderator actually scolded the audience for daring to defy her. And thanks to Google, it has been learned that the moderator, a Kathy-Tate Brandish, was one of Barack Obama's original supporters and organizers in Evanston, Illinois. The League and its officials may be "scrupulously fair" when hosting candidate debates, but at the same time they are clueless in perceiving the groundswell under their feet.


  1. I refer to this video as "The Omen".

  2. Docadl, first try reloading the page. If that doesn't work, then you might have luck seeing the video at this post on Big Government, or at Nickie Goomba's blog.

    Failing all that, go to YouTube and search for "Pledge of Allegiance" video.

  3. Docadl, I see that the person who put the video up at YouTube has removed it, doubtless because it was politically charged. The video showed the opening of a local debate between two candidates for Congress sponsored by the League of Women Voters, in which the moderator of the debate was interrupted as she tried to begin the debate. "Is there a point of order?" she asked. A member of the audience responded: "Yes-- are we not going to begin by saying the Pledge of Allegiance?"

    The moderator tried to fob people off, by saying, in effect: "We don't do that at these events." To which the response was that the audience all stood up and began saying the Pledge over her protests, anyway.

    That's why the video was an "omen", as Nickie Goomba says, of things to come in November.

  4. Thank you for finding this one-a pleasure to see true Patriots demanding honor to our Republic and our Flag!

  5. I think this one is a little overdone, and am getting tired of showy patriotism.

    One of the original communities to settle America, the Quakers, were strongly concerned about oaths and "oath swearing", which is why the President is given the choice to "swear OR affirm". This is why that wording is in there.

    You are supposed to have allegiance to your Republic every waking day. If the crowd compels you to pledge it, again and again, it really calls into question whether you have it in the first place.

    I would like to think Americans are the kind of people who can pledge it just once, if it be, and then you are good for your word going forward. It's a shame that so many others apparently disagree.

  6. Of all of the ills in this country and the world, this is what gets people stirred. scary