Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday TED Talk: Kevin Bales on Present-Day Slavery

Slavery? In the present day? Yes -- that was Kevin Bales's initial reaction when he learned that there are millions of people today who are literally enslaved, i.e., forced to work, largely starved, and not free to walk away. What is worse, most of them are employed in work that destroys the environment.

After looking into the facts, Kevin Bales founded Free the Slaves, a nonprofit organization devoted to ending the phenomenon of slavery within the next twenty-five years. Its Website is packed with facts and information on how to help achieve that noble goal. And there is more, too, in the TED talk below, in which Professor Bales explains exactly his strategy for ending slavery:

There is more about Kevin Bales on the TED Website. Watch his talk in high-res video at this link, and you can download it in that and other formats at this page.

And for a fascinating read about how a church has been dealing with female slavery (prostitution) in its own backyard, check out this article from Books and Culture. (I've added a feed link to that worthy magazine in the "EvangeliCannon" roll on the right.)

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