Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday TED Talk: Carter Emmart - a Video Atlas of the Universe

This is one TED talk which you should definitely watch in its high-res version -- the graphics are simply stunning. Carter Emmart, the Director of Astrovisualization at the American Museum of Natural History (including the Hayden Planetarium), demonstrates a video he made with software newly developed to allow one to take a scientifically accurate "tour through the Universe." (The software may be downloaded to your computer from this page.) Watch as Mr. Emmart guides you on a flight that begins in the Himalayas and takes you to beyond the outer edge of the known universe:

There is more to read about Carter Emmart and his projects from the links on this page. Download his talk in .mp4 format from this page, and as I mentioned, watch it in high-resolution video at this link.

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