Saturday, March 13, 2010

ECUSA: Not Exactly Learning from Its Mistakes

In the marvelous sketch below, imagine that Peter Cook is the Episcopal Church (USA) trying its best to explain, to those Dudley Moores among us who endeavor to remain civilized in the midst of the mayhem which the Church foments in our names, the (absence of any) thinking behind its litigation strategy (or, as one correspondent pointed out, since litigation is itself universally a non-strategy, the folly behind its attempt to muddle through):

H/T: my favorite arbiter elegantiae


  1. Do you mean "church à la mode" isn't working so let's dress it up and rename it, "à la mode church?"

  2. Right, Underground Pewster -- it's like saying: "The Episcopal Church welcomes you"

    ---so long as the majority doesn't try to leave, of course. Then it's

    "The Episcopal Church sues you."