Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday TED Talk: Richard St. John on the Keys to Success

Here is a four-minute talk from TED which is as old as it is fresh, as timely as it is lasting, and as veritable as it is easily forgotten: Richard St. John gives us the eight parameters of success in any endeavor. In the process he shows us how success is not a one-way street where you arrive at a long-sought destination, but a never-ending, ever-engaging effort to show others that you care more about helping them than you do yourself---and then, guess what: when they succeed and do well through your efforts, you do also!

Like NYU Prof. Clay Shirky, whose TED talk Greg Griffith has featured and blogged about at StandFirm earlier this week, Richard St. John is concerned with the art of communication, and as you can see from his talk, he is very effective in what he does. You may read more about him and his studies about what makes successful people here; his website ("Communication Architects") is here, and his book on which this talk is based is described and reviewed here. The high-resolution version of his talk (which I recommend) may be viewed here , and may be downloaded from this page.

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