Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday TED Talk: John La Grou on an Easy Way to Make Homes Safer

This Friday, I am going to share with you one of the very best things about the annual TED Conference. "TED" stands for "Technology, Entertainment, Design" --- and ideas that can change the world. Up until this post, I have presented the main TED talks to you, the ones that are given by internationally renowned experts in their fields, and that last around eighteen to twenty minutes.

But there is another aspect to TED. Participants in the Conference (i. e., the audiences) are also given a chance on the stage. Before every conference, the participants are surveyed to determine how many of them would like to use the Conference as an opportunity to share with those attending any presentations they might have relating to the overall themes ("TED") of the gathering. These talks are usually only four minutes or less---but they always surprise people, by announcing a new technology, invention or advancement that has a potential to change the world as we know it.

So it is that this Friday I give you a four-minute talk presented by someone who I came to know at the 2009 TED Conference---John La Grou. In conjunction with some technologically minded friends, John has come up with a truly revolutionary use of existing "smart chip" technology to eliminate, for all practical purposes, the risks of fires and shocks due to electricity, both at home and in the workplace. Take a few minutes to watch this, and then follow the links below --- I guarantee that you will not be disappointed:

You can watch a high-resolution version of this talk at this link; other download options may be found here. There is more information about John here, and you can obtain specific information about how to protect your home with this innovation at this site. This safe and worry-free technology is available now, and there is no reason for anyone to hold back in converting all home outlets to "smart" plugs and receptacles. Once again, TED keeps you on the cutting edge!

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