Monday, April 6, 2009

Revised Filing Date for Petition to Review California Decision

Word has apparently been circulating among the faithful in Orange County to watch for news of a filing by today in the United States Supreme Court by St. James in Newport Beach, to ask that it review the decision by the California Supreme Court in The Episcopal Church Cases. Well, there will be no such filing today, or even this week, for the very good reason that St. James has until May 26, 2009 in which to decide whether to file a petition---the date which is 90 days from February 25, when the California Supreme Court denied St. James's petition that it grant a rehearing. I explained that fact in a correction and update a week ago to this earlier post, but apparently the original post continues to circulate around the Internet, without the correction.

So please---if anyone sends you an email about today being the filing deadline, let them know about the correction. As I said earlier, if and when St. James does decide to file such a petition, I will put up a further post.

[UPDATE 05/27/2009: I am now informed that St. James has obtained a further 30-day extension within which to file its petition for certiorari (review) in the Supreme Court. So the new date for filing will be June 25, 2009.]

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