Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday TED Talk: Willie Smits on Re-Growing a Rainforest

With the Green Revolution that is so much in the news, I have picked for this Friday morning's TED talk a true example of what everyone must have in mind when they refer to that topic. The variety and differing styles of TED speakers make it hard to rank the talks, but this was by consensus one of the finest delivered at the TED 2009 Conference in Long Beach earlier this year. Biologist Willie Smits explains exactly how to go about re-growing a rainforest that had been clear-cut earlier:

The high-res mp4 version of his talk is here (requires appropriate player). You may read more about Willie Smits and his story here, and here. The homepage of his non-profit ecological organization is here, and the homepage for his "Orangutan Outreach" project is here. The world could use a great many more people like Willie Smits.

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