Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Most Cockamamie View of COVID Yet

 I interrupt my blog silence (waiting for the outcome of the South Carolina Supreme Court hearing next week) to bring you this report, from a reliable source, of the most cockamamie view I have yet to see anywhere in the world of the perils faced by the Obstinate Unvaccinated. After you absorb what appears below, please respond to this straightforward question: Does the Verein Sterbehilfe (the German Euthanasia Association) really think that its personnel can be safe only if they are killing those who have been first vaccinated against COVID-19? 

Or is it in fact saying: "If you want to kill yourself, that's fine with us. But don't expect us to help you if you don't care that we might die along with you. Unlike you, we are not yet ready to cash in our chips."

Here is the link to the article that announces the position of the (sogenannter) Verein Sterbehilfe.


  1. Why not? We have had cases where people claimed that the drugs used for lethal injection executions were not properly tested to ensure effectiveness and insuring the death would be painless. The "that can't possibly happen" train left the station years ago.

  2. Translation: "You might have COVID so we cannot get close enough to kill you without endangering the members of our death squad."

    I have news for them, the members of the death squad are already endangering the health of their souls by their actions. Pray for them.