Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Why I Am Fed Up With the Media

I have not been blogging, because I have no wish to add to the cacophony that assaults us every day, without letup. That said, the video below explains why in pictures that are far better than any words could express:


  1. If you repeat a lie...
    The truth effect is an interesting problem because it is easier to believe the oft repeated lie than it is to think logically. Some research has been done on this,

    "If repetition was the only thing that influenced what we believed we'd be in trouble, but it isn't. We can all bring to bear more extensive powers of reasoning, but we need to recognise they are a limited resource. Our minds are prey to the illusion of truth effect because our instinct is to use short-cuts in judging how plausible something is. Often this works. Sometimes it is misleading.

    Once we know about the effect we can guard against it. Part of this is double-checking why we believe what we do – if something sounds plausible is it because it really is true, or have we just been told that repeatedly? This is why scholars are so mad about providing references - so we can track the origin on any claim, rather than having to take it on faith.

    But part of guarding against the illusion is the obligation it puts on us to stop repeating falsehoods. We live in a world where the facts matter, and should matter. If you repeat things without bothering to check if they are true, you are helping to make a world where lies and truth are easier to confuse. So, please, think before you repeat."

  2. My family and I find this video very funny, especially now-following the 2018 Mid-term Elections. The media wants to believe, and they act on that belief, that they have the power to take President Trump down with their lies. They will not stop until they succeed or until the President is done.

    This movie quote comes to mind, "I know we're not in Kansas," said by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. Of course, in this film, the "Wizard" was a bully from behind a curtain.

    The mainstream media are bullies sporting a lot of make-up, and they have many cameras and microphones with access to the choice airtime by their advertisers. The media have the bullhorn, so to speak.

    One solution to this problem is to organize massive boycotts against their supporting industries. But this requires many people deciding to tune out completely and to quit purchasing the advertisers' products to send the industry a strong and clear message.

    I think we have a problem with our schools in a similar way, and the solution is for parents to quit sending their children to the schools and institutions that engage in thought control or brainwashing.

    Unfortunately, the Left-wing and other politically motivated folks are better at organizing this sort of behavior than those on the Right-wing side of the political spectrum or line eh, or the chasm!

    I also think the reason for this problem is that many folks on the Right do like to get along and they're typically happier than the folks on the Left. The divide really comes from the maturity spectrum; less mature people make life decisions that cause them to experience pain and grief in their lives. The Holy Spirit doesn't show up as they do not seek it. Their worldview was shaped and is reinforced by their own desires and not the desires of their Heavenly Father, who knows best obviously. :-)