Thursday, August 13, 2015


Have been taking a break from blogging for family celebrations in the midst of some heavy legal work, but this was too good not to share, in light of the continuing scandal of Hillary's emails. It is a creative adaptation of another scene from that famous "Hitler learns about ..." movie, and makes a wonderful new video-meme:


  1. How did they manage to get into the Rainbow Haus to actually film the records destruction? Doesn't (Sir Edmund)Hillary have staff people to control access and filming and recording devices? Did you all notice that the (Sir Edmund) Hillary campaign uniforms looked very similar to the uniforms worn by the German Werhmarcht, Also, the last officer, the one dressing down the bald guy, looked very much like Donald Trump's older brother.
    (These vignettes are ingenious and range from excellent mirth to the level of very sad and very hilarious humour. Sad that this one has so much truth sewn into the presentation.)