Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Selling Out America and Israel in 12 Lessons

This video is, quite simply, the most devastating indictment of our current "negotiations" with Iran I have ever seen. Please share it widely.



  1. Before this, the nuclear deal was clear as mud. Now, with this video, Obama's usual lying self and his administrations lies shine as never before for the darkness they are. Thank you!

  2. From the British side of the pond, this looks like the kind of paranoia about a Middle-Eastern state which led to the disaster in Iraq.

    Yes, Iran needs to be handled robustly, but to cobble together bits of speeches from various different times, take them of of context (e.g. sections of Obama interviews where he is explaining the current situation rather than stating his intentions (the "breakout" capacity, for example)), and oppose them to lines from unsubstantiated often partisan media reports - this is hardly the stuff of rational discussion. Would any Judge worth his/her salt allow this as evidence in court? I rather think not.

    I am truly baffled by, even terrified of, U.S. attitudes to Iran. The best way to tackle extremism there (which I know exists) is by bringing Iran into the international community, exposing the population to Western values, and most of all, not allowing grievances against the West (whether real or imagined) to become recruiting sergeants.

    1. Fr. Randall, thank you for coming here to comment. The video I posted was not intended to present a comprehensive picture of what is wrong with current Administration proposals and negotiations regarding Iran -- it assumes a certain background, with which you (simply because you are not resident here) may or may not be familiar.

      The fact is that this Administration, as far as Iran is concerned, has gone to the opposite extreme from that of President Ronald Reagan. (You may, if you wish, read a good history of the whole relationship in this recent article.) The attempts to "bring Iran into the international community" have had a long and tortuous history. The bottom line appears to be that the ayatollahs are determined never, ever to let that happen -- as it would be the end of their chokehold on power in the country.

      But such desperate attempts to hang on to power have a way of being self-defeating. Once the ayatollahs and their Sharia-dominated regime are consigned to the dustbins of history, we then may hope to have fruitful international relations with the splendid and noble people of Iran.

  3. The video may not be comprehensive, but nor can it qualify as a devastating indictment.

    Thank you for the link. The negotiations are well reported here, though obviously within a different context. I'm not sure that being different from the Reagan approach is a bad thing in itself. If the ayatollahs want to resist outside influence, then surely the best way to produce more outside influence is by opening up trade, and encouraging educational exchanges. To that extent, anything which moves towards normalizing relations is a good thing.

  4. Bernard Randall's comments are almost word for word the echo of Neville Chamberlain's words a few years ago. The main difference between Neville and Obama is that Neville was a good and decent man. Obama is a chronic pathological liar as are all Bolshevik socialists and all National Socialists. Obama borrows from both platforms freely,and he follows the rules set forth in Rules for Radicals in almost robotic form.
    Every move he has made as Valerie Jarrett's favourite pawn on the board has been designed to destroy the American Experiment and the American Accomplishment until nothing is left but the rusted, non-functioning sewer plants and the weeds growing in the streets and highways of a nation that used to exist when it had a soul.
    El Gringo Viejo