Friday, June 29, 2012

Anglican Unscripted Celebrates Its First Anniversary

I would like to commend Kevin Kallsen and the Rev. George Conger for their collaboration and excellent work in producing the weekly news show about all things Anglican, called "Anglican Unscripted." (This is only one of the offerings of Kevin Kallsen's ministry at Anglican TV, to which you will find a standing link in the "Anglicannon in Front" group at the right.) They have now been doing this for a year, and yours truly has been privileged to work with them for almost that long.

Below please find their anniversary offering, Episode 44 of Anglican Unscripted (click the full-screen icon and select the highest resolution for the best viewing conditions). Please donate to Anglican TV if you can, and keep this wonderful ministry going -- it is truly a labor of Christian love on the part of all concerned.


  1. Taking a cue from the Stalinists in Washington DC perhaps.

    These folks are essentially lawless. They use the courts to futher their lawlessness.

  2. Mr. Haley, I am another huge fan of Anglican Unscripted. We have been watching Anglican Unscripted nearly weekly for several months. Of course, we are regular readers of your blog.
    Many congrats to Kevin and George+!