Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Fight the pro-Obama Media and Win

This exchange opened the much touted Republican candidates' "debate" tonight on CNN.  It was entirely predictable from CNN's standpoint that they would try to build upon ABC's despicable pandering to its few remaining viewers, and generate a supposed "momentum" that would embarrass Newt in front of South Carolinian voters. John King's gambit backfired, in a manner most gratifying to watch -- Newt places his "question" into its proper political context, and Mr. King stammers to recover his aplomb:


  1. Newt did indeed go yard last night.

    The "Mainstream" news media is in bed with Obama. And the Republican nominee better know it and act accordingly.

    And every time they take pot shots at Republicans, lets remind people how they've utterly failed to vet Obama and still go easy on him.


  2. I first saw this on the evening news. They don't show the entire exchange as this does. Notice the reaction of the audience. HUGE support for Newt! While I doubt many would endorse an open marriage (the charge against Newt Gingrich), many here are very independent minded and hate when people take pot shots like this. The results of the primary will be interesting indeed. If the numbers of phone calls we have received from the Romney campaign is any indication, Romney is running scared in South Carolina! Truthfully with this sort of independent minded voters, he should be!!

  3. In that I have been reading the newspaper, THE POST AND COURIER, listening to both CNN and FOX NEWS, and watching the candidates unedited on, I felt that I was very informed about the four candidates running here in SC, and who most South Carolinians supported, so when Gingrich won the primary and by such a huge margin, I was floored!
    My thought now is that so many Americans are FURIOUS at the Obama administration, are itching for a fight; South Carolinians clearly feel that this candidate WILL fight...will verbalize their frustration.
    For such a conservative voter base to have given Newt the primary, clearly an unedited candidate rather than a 'presidential' one was appealing.
    I do think the media may get behind Gingrinch in that interesting Television and print journalism sells ads...Gingrinch vs Obama would be interesting.

  4. Thanks for your comments, folks. The perspective from the front lines in South Carolina was especially helpful: I think Sarah Palin agrees with your take on the primary results.

  5. I agree, A.S. They results from Saturday say it all. Not only did Newt win, but buy a huge number. This was not only a win for him, but a huge defeat for the state run media and their last minute effort to run Newt off the campaign road. It backfired for sure. When will they learn? You would think the 2000 election with the military service records of President Bush being forged would have taught a lesson. It'll be interesting to see what comes next as we get closer to the conventions and the general election.

  6. "...about the four candidates running here in SC, and WHOM most South Carolinians supported..."


    If SARAH PALIN agrees with me, clearly I am too smart for my own good. ;)

  7. The one thing MUST be remembered as here in SC, Democrats can vote in Republican primaries and vice versa as we do not register to vote by party as in so many other states. Here, anyone who is registered to vote can vote in the primary. I wonder how many democrats voted in this primary?????