Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Episcopal Church Foments Strife and Civil War

This unwelcome (but not unexpected) news was received early this morning, as we were on our way to a well-earned vacation. As a result, I shall have only limited opportunity to comment about it until my return next week. (A lot of what could be said is already in this earlier post. Also, there is a full description of the new disciplinary process as to bishops, which ECUSA claims to be currently following, in this post -- particularly as applied to the Presiding Bishop herself.)

However, regular readers of this blog should be well prepared to assess the significance of the news, in light of all the background posts about the events leading to the current situation in South Carolina, about the Constitutional crisis provoked by the arrogation of unprecedented and unconstitutional disciplinary powers by the Presiding Bishop, and about the progressive trend to abuse the Abandonment Canons for political and personal ends.

To anyone who still cares about what was once a fine old and traditional church, I will say only this: what the present leadership of the Episcopal Church (USA) is sowing, so shall they also reap. To invade one of its existing Dioceses in a bid to overthrow its diocesan officers, its infrastructure and its stalwart Christian supporters is utter madness. It will produce only an orgy of self-destruction, from which the Church herself cannot emerge intact.

South Carolina was one of the seven original dioceses that created the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in 1789 (later that year, they were joined by two others). For South Carolina's own creation now to rise up against her is to stand history on its head, to exalt power and money over mission and substance, and to let personal grudges and petty prejudices gain the upper hand.

So I repeat: as they sow, so shall they reap.

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  1. Yes, the Episcopal Church will reap what it has sown for it is not only a Biblical truth but principle that no one can evade.

    So says, a true son of Charleston, SC, and a priest Canonically resident in SC who voted for the said resolution.


    PS it is bad enough to mess with South Carolinians, but it is truly unwise to mess with Charlestonians. Just saying!