Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Choose This Day

Two videos, the first released yesterday and the second today, make the choice that faces all of us crystal clear. One is all fluff and no substance; the other is hard reality mixed with common sense.

First this:

And next, this:

Government cannot be all things to all people -- or even the last resort for more than a few. The future will be what we make it, starting here and now.


  1. What a compare/contrast exercise!

    It is striking the lack of facts, figures, data, rationale for the Obama campaign. No real goals, no real logic. Just a cult of personality and style.

    Whereas, in the conservative video, there are graphs, facts, reasons, logic - sanity.

    This quote from another blog came to mind,
    "There's a distinct intellectual vacuity among the American left. I'm reminded of a Reagan quote regarding the distant-left cousins of liberals: "Marxist-Leninist thought," Reagan informed, "is an empty cupboard."

  2. A great one to pass along to a lot of people !
    Thank you.

  3. Obama's campaign is an empty but feel good message.

    The sad thing is that people will prefer that over the reality of facts and figures.