Monday, January 3, 2011

An Announcement

It did my soul some good to swear off politics and religious quarrels for the last two weeks of 2010. Resisting the itch to react to every piece of news, whether irritating or refreshing, has allowed me the room to gain a deeper and longer perspective on the march of events.

As a consequence, blogging will become less frequent in 2011. There are now some 644 posts on this site, which will celebrate its third year in just nine more weeks. They could be collected into quite a sizable book -- not that anyone would pay to own such a gallimaufry of ideas and opinions. Here they can be viewed for free, and hopefully do not lose much of their relevance with the passage of time.

I shall spend the next few months on a re-design of the Guide to This Site, to make it even friendlier and easy to use. As events occur in which I take a special interest -- the legal vicissitudes of ECUSA in the courts, for instance -- I shall post on them, to be sure. But there is no longer any need to blog for blogging's sake. Enough has been written on the basic themes of this blog for you to know where its author stands.

Besides, there are always new and upcoming bloggers who are worthy of your attention. The latest such is Iain Carstairs, who has begun with a noteworthy post on the inability of materialism to satisfy the yearnings of consciousness. I shall be adding a link to his blog on the right, and will always be on the outlook for other worthy new links, as well.

It is my prayer that 2011 bring blessings, happiness and accomplishments to all of you.


  1. Thank you, Curmudgeon. You will still remain in my favorites list. God Bless you!

  2. An uncompromisingly orthodox AND moderate perspective on homosexuality, society & the Church:

  3. I heartily echo Milton's thanks above.

    Have a terrific New Year in 2011!!

  4. Pray first, then Blog when you like, and what you like.

  5. You are appreciated for your in depth analysis of issues. Thanks for all you do.

  6. I share some of your sense that blogging moves on and we don't need to always go with it. I have objected to much of what you have written, but I read what you write because there is much I learn as well. So thank you.

    I will continue to read because I dare not do so, and you occasionally introduce me to new and wonderful words, i.e., gallimaufry.

  7. Thank you all for the encouragement, and thank you, Canon Mark Harris, for your graciousness.

    In my updates to the Guide to This Site, I hope to sum up and give a more concise overview of the state of ECUSA in particular, and of the Anglican Communion in general. So stay tuned -- you've hardly seen anything yet!

    And since I am an irredeemable logophile, there will be a lot more words where "gallimaufry" came from.

  8. I stepped back a bit in 2010 and it's been a good thing to do. Spent time reading and pondering things - so beware what happens when we do that!!

    Thanks for all you do - you rock Curmudgeon!!


  9. Thank you very much, Anglican Curmudgeon. Your hard work, training and intelligence have been given so freely and have made enormous contribution to this battle for the Faith of Jesus Christ and for truth and justice.

    Well done good and faithful servant - very well done!!!

  10. hi - i just wanted to say thanks for the informative blog, and kind words and the link to my page! all the best