Friday, December 11, 2009

What's the Difference Between Republicans and Democrats?

It's just a matter of degree -- including the degree to which they can be shameless. Consider what politicians appropriately dub "Deficit Attention Disorder":

In 2004, when the Republicans were in control of Congress and the White House, Senator Frank Lautenberg (D- NJ) issued this press release:
Friday, March 12, 2004

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During debate last night on the budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2005, Senate Republicans killed an amendment offered by U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) that would have removed a provision allowing for a debt limit increase.

"President Bush and the Republicans are literally bankrupting America," said Senator Lautenberg. "This budget is adding nearly $2,400 worth of debt to each and every American in exchange for a few hundred dollars in tax cuts."

As it stands, the Budget Resolution contains "reconciliation instructions" to increase the statutory limit on public debt by $664 billion, from $7.4 trillion to more than $8 trillion.

"This administration and its Congressional allies have 'Deficit Attention Disorder.' They are the breaking bank, and saddling our children and grandchildren with mountains of debts that will have to be paid back," noted Senator Lautenberg.
Now, in December 2009, when the Democrats are in control of Congress, and also of the White House, we have this news item out of Washington (h/t: Powerline):

The Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, but don't want to make their members cast a publicly visible vote. So what do they do? They use their current favorite trick--attach the debt ceiling to the bill that funds America's military. Who could vote against that?

Republican Congressman Kevin Brady said:
Apparently when Democrats promised open and accountable government they didn't mean when it comes to saddling future generations with debt. Every Democrat who's voted to spend our grandchildren's money should step up and take responsibility to pay for it, including President Obama. Shame on them for trying to hide the increase from the public by sneaking it into the troop funding bill.
When the Democrats took control of Congress, the federal debt load was $29,568 for every American. With this new debt ceiling, the total will rise to $45,573 per person. This chart shows how federal debt has risen under the Democrats, and how the Congressional Budget Office projects it to skyrocket under Democratic Party policies now in place:

(Click to enlarge the graph.)

So that is $664 billion under the Republicans, and $1.8 trillion under the Democrats. Or, in comprehensible terms, $2,400 of debt per individual added by the Republicans in 2004; and nearly seven times as much, or $16,000 per individual added by the Democrats in 2009 -- with more of the same to come, according to the CBO, over the next ten years. That is to say, if we let the current crew continue to man the ship of state.

As I say, it's just a matter of degree. Is anyone else starting to feel like a frog in the slowly heating pot yet?

The problem is not that we couldn't ordinarily leap out when the temperature became too uncomfortable, but that with the jump in the size of the pot from $664 billion to $1.8 trillion, the walls of the pot are nearly three times higher. Under these circumstances, we are cooked.


  1. Here's the difference:

    * The Republicans stay in office by bribing the rich with their own money.

    * The Democrats stay in office by bribing the poor with the rich folks' money.

    In both cases, the fruits of hard work are confiscated and recycled through the State in order to keep professional politicians in power.

    Remember what Orwell wrote - "The purpose of power is power..."

    Perhaps the Libertarians have it correct? The only problem there is weaning the bulk of the populace off the State's teat without having riots and mayhem break out.

    For now, I'll continue to render to Caesar what is Caesar's - and render to God what is His.

    Lord, have mercy on us and our land!


  2. I gave up on the deficit hawks long ago, when Reagan pulled his double-cross by promising lower deficits then doing the opposite.

    I am tempted though, to once in a while root for the blue dog democrats.

  3. At some point, the GOP needs to then vote against any bill containing an increase in the debt ceiling, even if it is defense related. They should then go before the people and explain why. I am pretty sure members of the military would understand, after all, any increase in the debt ceiling has an effect (a negative one btw) on all Americans. I wish I could raise my personal debt ceiling without being financially hurt!

  4. dstein42 -- rather, Dems stay in office by promising "poor" people massive gov't aid and help and then never produce. They go before the "poor" and minority groups and claim they are the party of the poor and the minority, yet do nothing to help them. Those groups keep voting for 'em election after election, when in reality, most of these groups have more in common with the GOP and conservative groups than they realize.

    But both parties remain in power or in office because not enough people vote to turn them out. If the election were held today, Stretch Pelosi & Dingy Reid might be unemployed, but come next November too many voters will forget and return them back to office, only to again complain.