Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is the Left Scared out of Their Minds? You Betcha!

You be the jury. Here is Exhibit A -- the cover of a book by Sarah Palin scheduled to be published on November 17, and which undeniably has been at the top of the charts of non-fiction books at, as well as at the sites of all the other online booksellers:

Notice the title (as if you hadn't heard it already).

OK, now look at this image, which purports to be the image of a different book scheduled to be published on the same date -- November 17 -- taken from the site of certain left-wingers to whom I refuse to link (someone has to maintain standards in these days):

So we have "Sarah Palin - Going Rogue" versus "Sarah Palin - Going Rouge" -- and they expect us dumb consumers not to be able to tell the difference? Also, note that the latter is subtitled "An American Nightmare", which should tell you all you need to know about the book in question, and about the motives of those who would foist such blarney upon the unsuspecting public.

What the above facts prove, without any question, is that the left is scared brainless by the advent of Sarah Palin upon the national book scene. I do not have to document that assertion any further than by quoting, in toto and again without any link that would lend legitimacy, the following text from the site of the arrant left-wing snobs who also propose to put out a book on November 17, with the following cover:

The title of their book makes a play on the same alteration from Rogue to Rouge. (Why is it that those on the left have no sense of humor? "Going Rouge" is not even funny, but apparently at least two groups on the left independently came to the conclusion that it is hilarious.) Listen to these supercilious intellectuals tell, in their own words, what they think they are accomplishing with the publication of their coloring book for simpletons (again -- online, which means no hard copies in bookstores -- and with no guarantee of being published other than their word on the Internet, so caveat emptor). The emphasis has been (charitably) added:
Yeah, yeah, we heard all about the Sarah Palin’s Book Going Rogue – An American Life to be launched on Nov 17th. They expect to move 1.5 million copies, and pre-orders have been brisk.

We couldn’t let that stand without a fight. There are two sides to every story, but let’s get something clear here – Sarah didn’t write this book either.

So we created an alternative: Going Rouge – The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring and Activity Book, now available for pre-order, with a launch date of November 17th, just like that other shameless rot. But our book is chock full of mazes (like “Help Sarah find her way to the White House”), puzzles, word games, and brilliant illustrations to color or chuckle over as we mercilessly lampoon and parody everything Palin in 48 pages of hilarity.

C’mon, you don’t want to create the appearance that you condone or support Sarah Palin by purchasing crap you KNOW will be piled high in the $3 book bin in a few months, do you? Instead, order a classic, collectible Palin book – one that hasn’t even been colored in yet – one that’s not just a buncha words, it’s got pictures!
Pre-order a million and a half copies today (This means you, Mr. Soros — the rest of you can order one or a few) and show Sarah that WE can Shop Too!
One of the characteristic features of the left is that they look down on their readers/voters/followers as possessing intellects vastly inferior to their own -- so inferior, in fact, that the poor schmucks are unable to perceive when their intelligence is being insulted. Note the self-aggrandizing in the following paragraph (with emphasis again added):
Brilliantly illustrated by cartoonist Julie S____, and co-authored with Micheal S____, award-winning political activist/satirist and radio host who has appeared on numerous cable and network television shows [sic]. This husband and wife team met at the National Cartoonists’ Society Reuben Awards weekend in 2000 at the World Trade Center in New York, the event where pro cartoonists who create the cartoons that shape our culture gather annually.
The "cartoons that shape our culture"? Indeed -- enough said. Consider what this means: the left -- such as it is, from idle cartoonists to venial scribblers -- cannot abide the notion that people might approve of Sarah Palin, or buy her book. The simple, direct publication of the account of her d├ębut on the national stage is enough to send them into a frenzy of lies and irrelevancy. (And since book titles are not copyrightable, they obviously think they can infringe openly, without fear of a lawsuit from Palin's publishers; the purposeful imitation of the book's entire cover by the first ripoff, however, might afford the basis for a claim.)

There is probably no better barometer of which potential candidate in 2012 would give the left their greatest conniption fits than their knee-jerk reactions to anything Sarah Palin says or does. Moreover, the left is starting to realize that its majority may not be holding up as well as one might think. Look at their attempts to seem unconcerned about the Republican upsets yesterday in New Jersey and Virginia. And if you really want to see the left's grass roots in action, take a good look at all the videos of schoolchildren in this eerie post.

The next three years are going to be very interesting times, politically speaking.


  1. It always puzzled me about how the media treated Palin. One can only imagine what the reaction would have been if Hillary were treated the same way. The left was (probably still is) truely frightened of this lady. I can't wait to see how she is received by Oprah.

  2. I watched with interest how liberal women (and certain liberal men) reacted to her during the campaign. It always seemed to me to be a visceral reaction to her voice, her looks, her family, and not her policies.

  3. The Left realized two things about Palin that scared them to death:

    1) She spoke the truth;

    2) Ordinary people identified with her immediately, and the recognized the truth in what she was saying.

    Those two thing are enough to give any Leftist the shakes in the worst way because they have no real antidote for them. This is why they are screaming so incessantly about her, hoping to drown her out. They know that they cannot really undo the truth of her message, nor can they break her connection with ordinary people. The Left is in serious trouble with Sarah around.