Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally: An Insider Tells off the Legislature

This is a unique moment in the annals of political history. California's State Treasurer, Bill Lockyer, who is a former Attorney General and also served as President of the State Senate -- he has been in elective office continually since 1973 -- tells off his fellow Democrats in the California Legislature: "Just stop it! [He is referring to their passing reams of meaningless, "junk" legislation while the State crashes and burns around them.] If you don't fix the California pension system, the State will go bankrupt -- but I don't think there's anyone here who can fix it, because of who elected you [the unions, the lobbyists and the government employees who all benefit from the current system]."

Take a look at this short video excerpt and marvel, because you will never see this or read about it in the mainstream media:


  1. Ahh, California; it almost makes me nostalgic. You could always count on the legislature to do lots and lots and lots and lots... of nothing. Why else would the initiative process be so popular there. You'd think the legislature would have learned from their bitter experience with Prop. 13 (property tax limits). But noooo.....
    The beat goes On.

  2. Good for him.

    By his forthright words and actions, it certainly appears Mr. Lockyer knows how to act in, promote, protect, and defend the best interests of the people of California to the exclusion of all other interests.

    He knows how to be truly loyal to the people he represents and serves.

    He knows how important it is to fully disclose important information to protect the people from very real and very foreseeable risks of harm and loss.

    He knows how to "lay bare the facts in their stark significance".

    He knows what it is to be a true representative of all Californians.

    Kudos and a sincere thank you to this fine American for doing the job he was elected and entrusted to do.

  3. I live in California.

    Lockyer tells the truth (God bless him for his courage and forthrightness) and he will likely have as much impact and effectiveness as the prophet Jeremiah.

    TEc is dragging down the Anglican Communion.

    California could be or is dragging down the rest of the United States.