Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday TED Talk: Sarah Jones and Her Characters

In light of the recently concluded multinational meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Jamaica, with representatives (both included and excluded) from throughout the Anglican Communion, and the linguistic difficulties encountered in trying to combine Zulu-style small indaba-group discussions with the subtleties of Western-style parliamentary proceedings (with Mr. Roberts and his Rules, alas, nowhere to be found), I thought that this skit given at the 2009 TED Conference by actress Sarah Jones might be of interest to readers. She displays a simply amazing range of talent in portraying various characters she has absorbed from encounters in real life---from women who remain essentially Chinese or Jewish in the midst of America's melting pot, to women from the Dominican Republic and India who have to deal as best they can with where they find themselves. Enjoy---she is, as TED describes her, a "one-woman global village." You can also watch the high-resolution version here, download the video to your desktop from here, and read Ms. Jones's biography and see more links about her here:


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