Saturday, November 29, 2008

No Comment Necessary

I interrupt my usual blogging schedule to give you this inspirational photograph. No comment is needed, other than to encourage you to give it the widest distribution possible. God bless America, and especially those brave men and women who serve her!


  1. Amen! Mr. Haley, Amen! My son is a Marine serving in Iraq...He has always wanted to serve his country as a Marine and he is fulfilling his dream and I am very proud of him and pray for him and all who serve with him daily. He has a positive attitude in the most dire of conditions and he knows that to loose that attitude may cost him dearly. May God protect him and all in the reach of danger from the enemy they are facing and may God give him the forbearance to put and keep it all in perspective upon his return home.terilyn1

  2. A typical, and typically selfless and inspiring, message from a Navy SEAL--identifiable by the breast device just visible near the bottom edge of the image (pinned to the sign). Thank you Mr. Haley for posting this.

    Blessings and regards,
    Keith Toepfer