Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Lawless President Fosters More Lawlessness

For six years now, Barack Obama has set a record for lawlessness in the office of the Presidency.

And now we see the price of our having tolerated that lawlessness for so long. Yet the host sites do nothing to shut the hate-mongers down.

The mainstream media continue to aid and abet the President's lawlessness, and now are fanning the flames of racism following the Zimmerman verdict. The two reinforce each other from their respective bully-pulpits. The usual racist hangers-on are right there, too, doing their best to add fuel to the fire.

The prosecutor in the Zimmerman case continues to lash out at everyone within reach, while ignoring her own lawlessness.

And Barack Obama remains silent.

Pray this day for your country.


  1. Corey needs to be dismissed and disbarred. She is, as witnessed by her own actions, unfit to practice law in this (or any other civilized) country.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  2. The disclosure of national secrets by Manning and Snowden, and the murderous rampage in Allah's name at Fort Hood, have not occurred in a vacuum. I wonder, to what extent, if any, the current President's governing demeanor has contributed to the tone of the times, a sense that there are no consequences for pursuing one's personal agenda?

    Mark Brown
    San Angelo, Texas
    July 15, 2013

  3. Withholding evidence from the defence in Texas is almost automatic disbarment. Firing a technician for complying with common law tradition and established law and established rules of judicial procedure constitute grounds for official repression.
    If we clear the field to the demagogues and the politicians who have no moral fortitude...broad groupings of people will continue to feel as though they are entitled not only to subsistence and sustenance, but also to immunity from prosecution.
    Alice in Wonderland? This woman and Jesse Jackson saying that Trayvon was denied the right to have a jury of his peers. ?????
    Alice in Wonderland.
    We have let these people down by allowing the "progressives" to practice that soft bigotry of low expectations.

  4. Robert S. Munday wrote, "For me, the real lesson of the George Zimmerman trial is that, increasingly, we have a situation in this country where the only crimes the public cares about are the ones that the media choose to make them care about--stories that are selected and reported according to the media's own social narrative, political agenda, ideology, etc."

    From here:

  5. I wonder what correlation there may be between the ascent of 24/7 news (and tandem internet) and the descent of our national consensus. There are a lot of hours to fill that must continually captivate viewers to lure sponsors. And the competition is fierce. But hasn’t news adapted by becoming competition itself ... by becoming sport? Sport is captivating! But for sport you need sides. Haven’t journalists become cheerleaders initiating responses (and also more “news” for themselves) on variations of football’s “push ‘em back, push ‘em back, waaaaay back”. And hasn’t this recent, media created demand for clear victories and defeats and their impatience over continual stalemates as battles drag on seem more and more to degenerate into tragic and unnecessary fights to the death, perhaps, symbolized by Martin and Zimmerman? One thing is sure with Zimmerman’s case. For most of our media it wasn’t about fairness or facts. It was about clear victories and defeats to fill up the seats in our new electronic Roman coliseums. And the principles of our society have been found caged in its foundations as devalued slaves forced to fight to the death in our new arenas of diversion.