Friday, February 22, 2013

Sometimes a Picture Is All Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, but what about a picture of words themselves?

Here the words say it all, and the picture is just the authenticating medium.

From the signboard of a Lutheran Church in Ohio (H/T: Ship of Fools):

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  1. What? No "non-denominational" childcare facilties for reverse transgendered parents and extended family?
    At Saint John's, in McAllen a couple of these concerns and/or organisations were active "on campus"....along with several of the other churches in town and the Salvation Army. But they were not touted...nor were they denigrated.
    It was just thought better to allow folks with such bedevilment be given berth and dignity and privacy.
    Now it seems that the hood ornament for the parish vehicles of most of our mainline churches is not a cross or crucifix but some announcement about "Look what good I am doing, while you are doing nothing". Perhaps we are oversensitive.
    We have just returned and found the message about the inability to transfer the image of a previous submission here. I am sorry to say that it seems impossible for me to drag it out and redigest it for forwarding. It has to do, almost certainly, with my technical limitations.
    Our first stop after an almost entirely pleasant stay of it for a month at our place was The Anglican Curmudgeon. And we almost completed out review of the last three posts....the required three times....before commenting.