Saturday, March 7, 2009

Celebrating an Anniversary: A New Guide to This Site

Today marks the start of the second year this site has been open for business. Although its statistics date only from last August 10, they are not entirely shabby. In the seven months since then, there have been over 18,000 unique visitors, making over 51,000 visits and 70,000 page views.

By far the most-viewed post was Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is David Booth Beers (2,509 separate page views, plus 1,295 visitors on the day it was the lead post---also a site record; clicking on the link will add to those statistics). Considering that the post offers almost nothing by way of comment, and lets the facts simply speak for themselves, one might conclude that your host should simply stay quiet and just provide quotations and links, à la Instapundit. However, after A Guide to This Site, which came in second (and thus shows its usefulness), these other (fairly long) posts also had over 1,000 page views:

Machiavelli Ritornato (1,049 views)

Rushing to Judgment (1,019 views)

Considering that the Machiavelli post has been up for only a month, and that the latter two posts went up just a week ago, those are interesting statistics indeed. (It is gratifying that a parody made it into the top five. Leavening the legal lingo with some lightness will always be a goal of this blog.) The last post was one of my longest to date, and visitors spent an average time of six minutes making their way though its details (thank you for your care!), while they took an average of five minutes to absorb just the information, without much in explanation, in the post about the hypocrisy of the Presiding Bishop's Chancellor---the same as the average time spent on all posts on the site. So the conclusion that visitors do not come here for the commentary could be unwarranted.

In light of these statistics, the time appears ripe to post a new Guide to This Site. You will find it below; later it will become a separate page, replacing the old one, which has grown too cumbersome to navigate. There are now separate guide pages posted to each of the major topics covered thus far on this blog, with some introductory (and hopefully helpful, by way of a summary) remarks to provide a quick overview.

It has been quite a year in which to cover the Episcopal Church (USA) and the rumblings it has caused throughout the Anglican Communion. The next twelve months promise even more grist for the mill, so keep checking back---and thanks for visiting!

A (New) Guide to This Site

This is a blog about the conflicts, legal and otherwise, that currently are tearing apart both the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (abbreviated: "ECUSA") and the wider Anglican Communion of which it has historically been a constituent part. Along the way, there are posts on politics, economics, science, theology, society and other topics of interest as well. 

Each post, while standing on its own, also builds on what has been posted previously. They can thus be arranged chronologically according to their main subject, and that is the purpose of this Guide. Use the categories below to go to a separate page that describes the topic in more detail, and that lists the individual posts under that topic, in order from earliest to most recent, with their hyperlinks.

Most Recent Post

[Note: this may lag a few days behind the main site.]

Category/ies: Love and Marriage

Main Topic Pages   

Posts on news and subjects of interest to the general Anglican Communion

History of the Lambeth Conferences, past and present

History of, and general observations about, ECUSA and its governance

The aftermath of the election of Bishop Robinson of New Hampshire

The Legal Follies of ECUSA, in Three Parts

A series of calls to repent, which will not stop until she does
(Part I of "The Legal Follies of ECUSA")

 On the Church's suits against other Christians, including its own clergy
(Part II of "The Legal Follies of ECUSA")

Can the Church control your parish property without your consent?
(Part III of "The Legal Follies of ECUSA)

The good and the bad about the current state of our country

Where God and Man meet one another, there need be no conflict

Men and women, and their social and legal relationships

Weekly videos of talks from the TED Conference

Your assurance of a well-varied blog


  1. Congratulations on this milestone. Your writing is on a consistently high level. Now if only I could nudge you slightly to the left...

    One question: what program do you use that enables you to compile those statistics?

  2. Thank you, Jeff---only God knows where this site will be a year from now; the rest of you will have to keep checking in to see what progress (or lack thereof) occurs. ;>)

    If you have a Google account, you have access through it to a secure site called Google Analytics. It gives you some code which you insert into your home page, and in 48 hours you can visit Google Analytics to start seeing the statistics for that site. The range of reports that can be generated is quite amazing.

  3. Allan,

    I didn't realize you're such a newbie to the blogosphere. Congratulations on year 1 and I pray many more. Yours is the most edifying of the many blogs I visit. I especially liked the treatment of CASC Rushing to Judgement as it involves my church.